.35 “alle terre assenti…”
to the absent worlds…
for version 1: recorders, bes & bass-clrnt., tenor-trombn., alto-voice, pno, electr. gt., vl., db, perc., 4 loudspeakers, film by Petra van der Schoot

version 2: pno., vln., 2- or 4 loudspeakers,

parts preludio, scena prima, interludio, scena seconda, interludio, scena terza, interludio, posludio
text last words of ‘Madama Butterfly’
duration 31 minutes 41 seconds
premiere november 21st 2002
Maarten Altena Ensemble
conducted by Otto Tausk
Theater Kikker, Utrecht
available score at donemus
dedication to the Venetian waiter
score download example (pdf)
written with financial support of the Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst

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